We help you reach out to your users and reach within to your employees
reaching within organisations
and understanding members
tying threads together,
leading to insights
translating insights to
business relevant
design directions
reaching out and
understanding users
Good design is a function of how well a firm understands
the users of its products and services – who they are, how they live, and what they think.
On the other hand, good design also depends on how well teams of designers, engineers, and managers work within
an organisation to create these products and services.
At Klein Design Research, we provide two kinds of services:
We "reach out" and understand the existing or potential
users of your service or products. We also translate the insights gained into a language that helps designers and managers take decisions – to generate design strategies or design directions that have clear implications for your business. [Read More...]
We help you "reach within" your organisation to better understand your employees, processes and systems and improve organisational design and development efforts.
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To do so we use Ethnographic research techniques as well
as principles of Action Science, and Organisational Development.